Benjamin suffered from verbal dyspraxia and attended speech therapy from age 2 and a half until the age of 7 years. We were then told he would make progress in everything else especially reading and spelling. This did happen for a time then things just got stuck. After about 12 months when no real progress had been made we were told by his teacher that he had dyslexia. We then looked at various websites and came across easy read where a video confirmed that this was indeed the case. We then enrolled we the course. Benjamin loved it, he was able to read the stories and play the games with a certain amount of ease. He also loved the prizes which came through the post. Over the summer holidays we carried on with the course and when he went back to school the teacher was amazed at the change in his reading and spelling but also in his confidence. After 12 months we are saying a sad goodbye to easy read as in Benjamin’s words ‘it is too easy’. Following a meeting at the school we have been informed that Benjamin’s reading age has increased by 2 years in less than 12months and his spelling has increased by more than 2 years. I would happily recommend easyread and say it is money well spent.

Kind regards