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Just hot off the press: an inspiring Easyread testimonial complete with fun dinner game recommendation that help with phonics and spelling!

Just some quick feedback regarding H’s progress. We have seen a big change in H’s approach to reading. He now tries to work out a word by looking at the sounds and rarely if ever guesses. Occasionally he will make a guess, when he is rushing, but he will always stop himself because he knows it’s not right, go back over the word and try to sound it out. His approach to reading has definitely changed. He is now trying to read words all around him – on cereal packets, menus, magazines. This is something he would never have done 6 weeks ago and if asked to try to read something (beyond his school book) he would have become quite agitated and given up before he had even started. H’s teacher commented just recently that he is very good at recognising blended sounds in words, like ‘cr’ and ‘tr’ and ‘st’.

Today we played a game when we were in a restaurant. His dad wrote down all the letters of the alphabet and his older brother did the same. They were then asked to write down a word for each letter of the alphabet. H did this very successfully with 3 and 4 letter words and made very good attempts at longer words, by sounding out the words. It looks like Easyread is helping H to become a successful speller too.

I think we caught H early enough to stop his habit of guessing words becoming too ingrained. H continues to enjoy Easyread and we will definitely continue with the programme to ensure his new approach is well and truly ingrained.