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I’m really glad we found EasyRead for Amy – it is having a big impact on her confidence. She now seems able to trust the letters she sees, as with the help of the pictures she can trust what the sound should be. Before, she was very frustrated with the different sounds that letter combinations could make. It is a very simple approach, but it seems to work. The code words, natural talking, gentle encouragement are all pitched just right in my opinion – the positive psychological aspect of the system cannot be underestimated!

I like the fact that ‘tricky’ words are introduced early ie. that the idea that there are many alternatives are part of the system from early on (eg today, she had to make the word done – 3 weeks ago she would have used the ‘u’ without a doubt). The lessons are short and easy to fit into her day, even if she’s tired, as she knows they won’t take too long. I like the fact that there’s no choice of the games involved. No choice means no debate! Although the ‘random’ game selector is a good way to introduce variation.

— A