Bridie couldn’t spell or sound out words before starting this program. I have tried many other phonics programs and nothing seemed to help her. After 20 lessons I could see she was improving with her reading. We are nearly at lesson 70 and Bridie’s writing and reading has noticeably improved. She’s progressed to higher reading levels in the classroom (nearly four levels) and is also in a higher reading group. Her self esteem has improved as a result.

The support from the easy read team really helped Bridie to become enthused. The prizes were fantastic and very high quality.

I’m so pleased with her progress and as a parent it’s honestly a relief to my constant worries about her education. As a family we value good education and strong reading and writing skills. Easyread has helped us to achieve this for our outgoing, intelligent child who was struggling to progress, we can’t thankyou enough.

– R (lesson 67)