Caleb is very excited to have met the 223 lesson and to be getting his helicopter soon. The Easyread program has been great at building his confidence and at helping to realize that there were other eye tracking issues. We would have missed the need for further intervention until much later had it not been for the Easyread program flagging his eye tracking and not seeing improvements after the basic exercises given. Once we had him treated in vision therapy for his binocular insufficiency the gains we saw were great. The reward part of the program is great and gives Caleb something to work towards. It also helps that he loves getting mail and is super excited when it is a toy/something cool. The choices for reading were good in allowing increased difficulty in a range of topics. I liked that the character only reading kept on going throughout the program to make sure there was less guessing and more decoding. The variety of games offered were decent, and for the most part kept Caleb engaged and interested in the program.

– A