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Hi Sarah

Tuscan is doing very well with his reading in all aspects, we can now hear him voluntarily reading the road/street/shop signs as we drive around the city.

Also at the end of last term I asked his teacher how he was going with his reading (I hadn’t said anything to her at that stage about Easyread as I wanted it to be a gauge as to how he was doing at school, without any predetermined ideas) and she told me that the 3 helpers that come in regularly to help with the poor readers had all said at different times how much his reading had improved this term (Term 2). So as you can expect, the thrill I got from that was awesome! (I can’t thank you enough!!)

He is doing well with the 3 little pigs story, we’ve got over the -“ohbother! this part”- stage and he is picking up the decoding well even beating me quite regularly, much to his delight! we click on the occasional word only when we ‘both’ can’t work it out!!

Overall I don’t have any problems with the system, I can’t praise it more highly!! Thank you for everything. Look forward to talking to you again.