Before Easyread

Liam was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and learning difficulties at 4 years old. He was in a special education setting for years until he left school at age 18 without being able to read anything except his own name. His mother tried many other reading programmes like Toe by Toe — and the school also struggled to teach Liam in a way that appealed to him.

During Easyread

Liam started off very well with Easyread. He was committed to doing the programme every day and was pleased to see himself improve. Some of the Easyread reward gifts were geared towards younger kids, but he realised that the course was not designed for people his age. During his time on the course, he read his first whole book at age 19!

After Easyread

Liam turns 20 this year, and having finished Easyread is now getting into his first adult fiction book – A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. For the first time, his mum feels confident that Liam will go from strength to strength!