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Hard Thinker

Will used to hate books and refuse to read. Once he started struggling in school, he turned from a happy chappy into an angry school-hater. One year in to his education, everything changed…




BEFORE: Before Easyread, Will was at least a year behind his peers in literacy. At age 6, he could not blend words and struggled even on short common words, like ‘on’ or ‘the’. Every time he tried to read he would grow very tired and angry. He absolutely hated reading. At school, he was in the bottom group for every subject and it had a dramatic effect on his confidence. He felt stupid, and was being picked on by his classmates who all seemed to find it so easy.

THE EASYREAD SOLUTION: Will’s mother found Easyread, and from day 1 his confidence increased slowly but surely. Will thoroughly enjoyed Easyread, and it quickly became a part of his daily routine as it only took a few minutes each day. Within a few weeks, he gradually read more and more, whereas before he refused to try. Another significant change came when the Easyread team picked up on some eye-tracking weakness. He did the exercises Easyread prescribed for him. Because of this tip from Easyread, Will also visited a chiropractic neurologist who did a full examination and found some retained reflexes. He proceeded with this treatment alongside Easyread. The two in combination had a massive impact on Will’s focus, coordination and learning skills. Will’s mother says that she never would have explored the retained reflexes if not for Easyread’s diagnostic help!

AFTER: Will is now entering the final third of the course, and has already caught up with his peers at age 7. He no longer requires classroom support. He and his mother have found the help and advice from Easyread to be fantastic. The confidence Will has gained from catching up to his friends academically is huge. He now seems so much happier and even when he is tired he sits down to do Easyread because he realises what a difference it has made for him. Without Easyread, he would still be struggling with the most basic words and feeling low about himself and his intelligence. Instead, he now comes home bragging about how he’s finished first in some of his classes!

Will’s mother says: “The course is excellent and I cannot recommend it enough. It is life changing for Will. It’s lovely to see how proud he is of himself! Thank you for everything.