Mary Ann recently finished the Easyread course. I wanted to send you an update on her progress now that she is done with the course. We’ve just started some fourth grade homework assignments, and the difference between this time last year and now is extraordinary. It is an unbelievably good feeling to hear her reading out her math problems, or to know that I can simply be on “stand by” to help her, as opposed to having to read the problems or stories in detail for her throughout the assignment.

Mary Ann’s school uses Dibles to access the student’s reading. Her words per minute doubled in the third grade while using the course. Her accuracy improved to their desired level (97%) and her reading comprehension was in excess of her grade level benchmark. She is now a solid grade level reader. At the beginning of your course the school determined she was one year behind, but had also stopped gaining any new ground.

Mary Ann is as sharp as a tack, but reading was elusive for her and she was beginning to lose her confidence. Now she can read, she reads everything we come across in our daily lives (signs, pamphlets, etc) and she sits down to do her homework with only a normal, minimal amount of complaining (the same amount any 9 year old would do given one hour of homework per night!), as opposed to the horrible hour or two a night that we had in second in third grade.

Thank you to everyone who makes Easyread available for us. I hate to think about our situation right now if I had not stumbled upon it online one day. I believe that Mary Ann displayed the classic symptoms of Optilexia as described on your website, and I think your system “fixed” it. Please sign us up now for Spell Magic. We cannot wait to see the same improvement over the next year in her spelling that we now see in her reading. Sincerely, R