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I’ve found that his confidence with reading the Easyread stories has greatly improved. He is fluent in using the scrambled text and it’s his preferred format!!

Brandon pretty much no longer guesses words, which has slowed him down, but because his reading is more accurate, he’s much less frustrated and enjoying the praise!

I’ve found that before school is definitely the best time to do a lesson. It’s now a routine that Brandon actually looks forward to doing especially the games at the end and the hope of a prize word!

We do like the fact that the colour can be changed on the story pages and with the games etc, plus the new skip button on Funky Monkey (time is sometimes of the essence!).

Brandon’s only compliant is that he hasn’t had any ‘highlighted’ words on the story for a while, when clicked on, it’s explained what the word means. But he absolutely LOVES receiving the spy gear through the post.

I’m overall really happy with Easyread and support network and would recommend to any parent – I understand that Brandon’s reading will not improve overnight, but his confidence has definitely grown and more importantly he enjoys it!

Many thanks