My son was struggling to learn to read based on the techniques used in school and even with extra reading with me each day over the summer he didn’t seem to be progressing as I had hoped. Also his confidence was affected. He was very keen to be able to read but he didn’t enjoy it. He just wanted to be able to read like his friends. I wanted to find something fun to help him and I happened upon Easyread and having checked out reviews I decided it was worth giving it a go!

I am delighted with my sons progress so far. We have been doing it everyday for the past two months and I can see that his confidence has improved and he is becoming more fluent at his reading. He enjoys the games and looks forward to the rewards too. We will keep it up and see where it takes us now for his spelling as well as continuing to improve his reading fluency. His teacher has noticed the improvement in his reading also. I would certainly recommend this system to anyone looking for a fun way to engage a child in learning to read.