Madhava has enjoyed playing games in order to learn to spell. Though the programs are obviously relatively new therefore require a bit of work, it still seemed to do the trick! At times, Madhava picks out random words and proudly shows me how he can spell them by saying them out loud. This is a massive change for him! Before he started – it was almost impossible to get him to attempt to spell words.

Towards the end I felt the programs weren’t always keeping up with what he needed to be focusing on – games like mole whacker etc weren’t weaknesses for him but they came up quite a few times, so he would skip them. In saying that, sometimes madhava wasn’t feeling inspired to do his easyread, so those shorter lessons gave him a bit of a chance to have a break.

Just to review some of the games:
He does get a huge surge of confidence when it comes time to do the spelling assessor – i think their could have been more opportunities for that.
Type race was a great game that never got too easy and kept him on his toes. One suggestion I would make is for there to be an option to replay the sentence that was read out loud, as sometimes (mainly because of the foreign accent) we missed what was said the first time. But I think its the best game – its like killing two birds with one stone – the kids learn to type and spell at the same time!

He always looked forward to Spelldrive, but because it doesn’t allow you to get gems once you’ve spelt a word (some glitch in it) that dampened his enthusiasm for it. I liked that it had some challenging spelling words, made him think.

This feedback isn’t really written in the nicest way. I haven’t had much time to spend writing feedback but I am definitely happy with how it has turned out for Madhava. He has come a long way since the beginning of the year when we first started. Actually, easyread is probably the only thing he has been able to stick to for such a long time!
I think its a very innovative idea and very practicable for children today.

We will be in touch.