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Agent Sis doing really well with his decoding, and beginning to read some of the more frequent words fluently, however he has not been re reading the sentence again so i will try and encourage this, he sounds out each word and says the word, which has been hard but he is really picking up on the blank decoding now as he really knows his character sounds, some like Oak in cloak he gets a bit stuck on we just go to the sound again and review them. Eye tracking is a little improved but he does use the cursor on the computer to keep his place.
He is enjoying the story content and getting the meaning from what he is reading. He loves the games and i see the benefit of him doing them they really help and he likes that he can do them well so he really tries his best.
Overall we are seeing his reading at school and at home begin to improve his teacher has commented that he is really making good progress, she is also putting effort in at school with sounds.I think he may have some auditory problems his hearing is fine but he finds some sounds hard to hear again we are working on this and it is possibly his dyslexia causing this.
We have got into a good routine and try and do daily lessons depending on other commitments ( maybe once twice per week we miss due to tiredness) etc he is settled into his routine and gets down to work quickly. Lastly he is now reading signs when we are out which he has never done before! really happy about this and his confidence is growing, thanks to easy read.