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Easyread has been absolutely brilliant. Our 8 yr old daughter Rosie, who was severely struggling at school, put back a year age 7 and told would not really be able to read until she was at least 9 and a half using conventional school teaching method, was transformed by using Easyread. It was hard work for her but she persisted over 11 months with the online lessons and by this summer term she was able to re-join her class mates in her proper year group. She is now a confident reader and is slowly building up her repetoire of books. Easyread uses an excellent system of short simple easy to use characters and fun games to teach a child with dyslexia how to decode words so they can actually read properly. It takes time and effort from the child and their parents/carers to support them but actually works brilliantly and creates very positive self esteem – which often is badly eroded by the time the kid is ‘failing to achieve ‘ at school. The interactive feedback, rewards and support you get from David and the Easyread team is amazing. We cannot recommend Easyread high enough. Really big thanks to David and all his team.

-Rebecca Moran (GP and Mum, Isle of Skye)