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Easyread has been an easy program to include in our busy schedule. Ryan always looks forward to doing it each morning and has a sense of excited anticipation about what he might be doing next – or if a prize word will appear today. I think because the lessons are short he never gets sick of them.

He is starting to try harder to sound out words even to spell now so I am beginning to feel as though we are breaking through the barriers that have been holding him back. I still like to observe when he reads the story to ensure he is sounding out the words – particularly the less familiar ones – and not just guessing.
The games are well designed to minimize any opportunities to guess so I observe him doing those from more of a distance.

Eggy is his new favorite game and he likes to play it every day.

Many thanks for your prompt responses to the codeword notifications. Ryan has worked out that something comes in the letterbox two days after the prize word has appeared. You can be sure he’s listening for the postman that day!