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Dear David

It was good to speak to you today.

We are so impressed with your reading system. Both of us were lecturers (my specialism being English) and I have also taught English as a second language to adults and also adult literacy. We have found that Easyread is really effective through a very enjoyable medium. The prizes are spot on, and really good quality too.

It has really helped P – his reading fluency is so much better too. Outside of the System, he is still overwhelmed with large amounts of text, but at least he can get the gist of the content. In time, this will improve, I am sure.

It will be interesting to see the results of the MRI scan, about which we will let you know.

Also, we would gladly provide a testimonial or help in any way we can, so that others in P’s situation can benefit (there are many adults who have suffered brain injury or post traumatic stress).

Please let us know if you develop an adult version, or if a maths program is ever devised (he has trouble with that too!

With deep appreciation and best wishes.