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What can I say. We love Easyread. It’s changed our lives because reading is now fun with our daughter. It’s changed our daughter’s perception of herself as a reader. There’s been challenging bits but generally it’s been a positive experience.

Easyread is fantastic. We were at a loss when our local school told us our daughter was in the normal zone but was going into the year below to do her phonics lesson as she was in the lower group. Her confidence was going and no amount of confidence building was working. Our daughter likes to win and she would say things like “I’m not good at reading”, “I’m not very clever”. I knew this not to be true – she was struggling now but she was labelling herself. We were heartbroken and lost as to what to do

Then a friend told us about Easyread. I was skeptical if I’m honest but immediately we saw a HUGE difference in her improvement.

Then it levelled off and some days it was marvellous and other days more challenging.

We’re now coming to the next level and our daughter is now confidently reading to us at night. She’s writing stories like “Harry Potter 9” but most importantly she’s getting confident again.

Easyread is amazing. All children who find phonics difficult should get the opportunity to do Easyread. It works. It’s wonderful. It’s fun and it teaches that with a little bit of work every day you can succeed at anything.