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Hi there – Elijah was delighted with the helicopter – it’s been a huge hit. We also went to the cinema and his Dad took the boys climbing as a celebration for all the hard work achieved by finishing Easyread. And this morning I set Elijah his first ever assignment of reading a book for himself and asked him to summarise what he had read. He did really well.

We are at last on our way to him beginning the journey that I hope he will be on for the rest of his life – the journey of self learning! Hurray! Such a gift and so much is due to you at Easyread really making reading easy and joy to do. The lessons have been consistently stress free and to my absolute amazement have worked like “magic” (that is how I have described it to friends) – with seemingly no effort reading has become second nature to him over the past 9 months, to the point now that he reads spontaneously for his own enjoyment. For us it is utterly joyous to see him – there were so many times I never thought it would be possible. I think we feared he would grow up to be a person who hated reading because it was such a labour. We are so so grateful for the gift you have played such a large part in giving him. Thank you!