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Seren really loves the Easyread method. We do it as soon as we wake up so nothing else can interfere. Seren usually bounces in to say “Easyread time”! I very rarely have to encourage her and if a small incentive is offered it usually does the trick. She loves attention, so I make Easyread our special time. She always sits on my knee to do it, and we cuddle whilst she reads.

I have noticed a vast improvement in her confidence in the six weeks since we started doing the Easyread System. In fact, she now tries to read on her own! She has always loved books, but never before now attempted to read them. Now I can often hear her sounding out the words to herself when she is looking at them. She has also started proudly reading signs and packages around us. Shopping has become a magical experience for her.

She has started wanting to write things too, for example she loves writing riddles. Yesterday she even asked if she could write a story. These are both milestones that indicate that she now feels she can read, since she has moved to a position to have the confidence to succeed with reading and writing. I am so pleased.

I like the use of characters above the phonemes-this is something I knew Seren would particularly respond to. I also like very much that because you have characters for the more complex phonemes, you are not restricted to simple words within the system. This makes not only for more stimulating stories, but the child gets used to dealing with more difficult words straight away without fear. This ensures that they won’t get scared off by difficult words later. They will simply have the courage to tackle them using the decoding skills they have learned.

Seren particularly values the motivational gifts through the post. She also likes the little notes to her that arrive with them. She really enters into the spirit of being a spy!

The notebook gift in particular, was inspired and was the starting point for her in wanting to write things. Seren and her sister became curtain twitchers for a couple of days while they spied on all the neighbours. We now have notes on all their comings and goings!

The word building games are really good-again the use of characters for more complex phonemes gives a more diverse activity than just changing or adding one letter. This gives a better understanding of how to choose the correct spelling for a word from the choice of possible phonemes and should produce fruit later. Seren really enjoys all the games, especially Pinball and Fighter Mission.

I don’t dislike anything about the system. I work in a school and have seen various literacy improvement computer programmes and other intervention systems. They all have their place, however this is definitely the best for home use. I particularly like that it makes the child start again if they get things wrong so that they really have to get to grips with things. This also means that the basics are established correctly.

I have told the SENCO at school about it and I am sure that if Seren keeps up this level of enthusiasm, she will want further info in future.

– A