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“Thanks for the prizes- they are really great and Eli loves getting them in the mail.

We are finding the course a really fun and easy part of our homeschool day.

Eli is good at eye-tracking now and is definitely improving on the not guessing smaller words so much.

We are yet to see spelling but haven’t been concerned about that so much since we started Easyread… just taking a rest from that and focusing on the decoding.
There is nothing bad that Eli says about it and he loves the funny stories and facts. We all end up laughing at some point during Easyread each day so that is a great thing!

We find that the lesson length of Easyread fits perfectly into our homeschool day as we are doing the Charlotte Mason Method, where lessons are only 10 -15 minutes long and not exhausting.

Something that I have learnt as a parent through Easyread is to affirm my children’s success so much more and it is having a great effect in our home. I love the extensive vocabulary of affirmations that Easyread uses and Eli often feels there is really a man sitting on the other side of the computer affirming him, which is both fun and lovely.

Anyway…. many thanks, it has been an answer to a prayer really.”

Wonderful to hear that Eli is still loving the programme at lesson 45! And it’s great that the 15 minute lesson feels familiar. It really is the perfect amount of time to take information in and remain focused.

Do let us know if you’re using the Easyread programme alongside your homeschool routine. Here’s how Tanya fits Easyread into Taylor and Greyson’s homeschool day.