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Age 2-3 Biting other children, easily frustrated in large groups of children, very difficult.

Age 4-5 Still easily frustrated, uncoordination, hyperactivity, very busy. repeated Kindergarten twice. Not recognizing letters. No teacher recognition of learning disability.

Age 6-7 1st grade, still not recognizing letters, repeated 1st grade. Searched out PACE program and this helped bring him up on grade levels on specific learning skills. Helped tremendously with uncoordination and frustration and focus. Still not reading but able to decode a litle. Trouble in school,stomachaches,headaches,issues with behavior, other students and FATIGUE.

Age 8-9 Homeschool> immediate change in behavior at home with family. searching for reading program and tried at least 2-3 but no results. Most of programs were childish to a 7 year old who is self conscious already of inability to read.
Age 9-10
Found Easy Read through dyslexia website. In the trial lesson Eli liked the program
the progress was encouraging to Eli. Enjoyed the games. The headaches have lessened greatly and the ease of the other subjects for school were a surprise to me It was as if his brain wasn’t so taxed and his ability and energy levels are up to do the other learning with out the headaches and fatigue. At lesson 60 Eli is reading at a beginning level and is wanting to use his decoding.
So he went from frustrated and not willing and not able to read to wanting and able to begining to read.
we also see the need for a program like Easy Read. There is a tutoring program here where we live that is very expensive and really don’t know if it works and there is a Charter School here that works with kids that have learning disabilites specifically dyslexia but it is very small and full with a waiting list.
I had thaought that I would send the Charter school a testimony similiar to the one I am sending to you. to help those out there struggling and possibly further Easy Read.