Elisabeth is definitely reading much better and I measure this in the following two ways:

a) She is picking up books independently and interested in reading them. she is reading books to her siblings, she is reading cereal boxes, she is reading notes from her teachers and all independently without me asking her to read. That is great! I have also noticed that she is now reading fairly fluent in German (which is 100% decoding…she was never able to read it just using sight reading techniques!)
Before easy read, she would not pick up a book, resist when being asked to read a word on a street sign of cereal box, etc.

b)we filmed her reading at the beginning of the easy read process reading a random book – it was a nightmare to listen to. She was struggling with almost every word! She is now just having issues with few more uncommon words, but has no problem decoding them with a few tries.

– N (mum of Elisabeth, lesson 87)