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1 – In what ways has the system been different to what you expected?
ANSWER: (1) It offers much more parental training and support than I expected. (2) My child is enjoying the program and looking forward to her lessons much more than I would have anticipated, especially since we mostly do them at the end of a long school day and homework sessions.

2 – Does it feel, at this early stage, as if we are going to deliver on our promises of breakthroughs in due course and what main worries remain for you?
ANSWER: Yes, I can already see that she is shifting her strategy toward decoding, and that her enthusiasm about the program will keep her on track.

3 – What have been your biggest frustrations with the course so far? To be honest, I haven’t had any frustrations yet.
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4 – What were the two most important factors for you when you looked at our website, in choosing to give the trial a go?
(a) – I did not see anything gimmicky about it–in other words, there was a high level of authenticity that was not undercut by poor marketing strategies.
(b) – You have an extremely thoughtful and differentiated approach that draws on science and the latest studies and that intuitively I felt would resonate with my child.

5 – And what two worries/questions most made you hesitate before starting the trial?
(a) – Whether my child would \”get on board\” with the program, participating every day.
(b) – Whether my child would be a good fit for your program or would be an outlier for whom it just wouldn’t work.

6 – What do you most like about the course?
ANSWER: It’s hard to choose just one thing, but having my daughter beg me to let her “do Easyread” has got to take first place. Her face lights up while she’s doing it. You’re on to something very real here. Thank you!