We have found the program very helpful so far. Jared has started to attempt to decode words outside the program once he has had a guess and it has been incorrect. He doesn’t always decode correctly yet (as we are only on lesson 47) but it has started to become his go to strategy rather than just spitting out any word that starts with the same letter which is a great improvement!

I have also seen an enourmous increase in his ability to chunk and blend larger words together which is fantastic as when he started he would sound out the sounds but then still just guess with larger, unfamiliar words.

He is still really enjoying the lessons and although he isn’t always enthusiastic to do them once he sits down he is more than happy to complete them. We are eagerly waiting to get to the point where we hopefully start to see the skills he is gaining in the program transfer to his outside reading.

Thank you for all the encouragement and support so far. Jared is loving getting his gifts in the mail and it is a definite motivator to keep his interest in his daily sessions.