To everyone at Easyread, you have no idea how much you have improved Liam’s life. He now willingly reads in class, he reads a menu when we go to restaurants and more importantly he understand what he is reading. He is now asking me questions about stories, asking me for definitions of words and using them when he writes.

I never thought twelve months ago this would have been possible. He is more confident and has a developed a keen passion to learning. He has also proven to himself that with some hard work anything is possible.

We had parent teacher interviews last week and his teacher was amazed with Liam’s progress. He was also very excited that my husband and I were taking such a keen interest in his learning and that we all worked together to achieve the result. Thank you Easyread for giving me a program where I could teach Liam to read myself. I am so proud of Liam for working so hard.

Liam loves your program and especially loved it when he could talk personally with David.

Thank you all