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Although you don’t expect it, there has been an improvement in Katherine’s ‘reading age’. All the children at her school have recently been tested and instead of being below her age she is now at the stage she should be. The Headmistress is impressed and has requested that she sits in on a lesson with Katherine to see what she is doing. Katherine is also happier and more confident in class and wants to contribute to discussions; again the Head’s observations.
This is all great news for Katherine BUT I can see that she will achieve more! Katherine now has a ‘lust’ for reading, if I have no time to sit and listen to her read she will follow me with her book reading aloud to me, no matter where I am!!!
With this enthusiasm I know that she will continue to improve and I have to say that it is mainly due to Easyread. No longer do I have a tearful child who is frustrated by people not ‘understanding’ that she herself is disappointed in her own progress and not ‘understanding’ that she was trying her best.
I swear that an Angel was watching over me when as I searched the internet for some sort of answer or explanation about her lack of progress, when up popped your site! I honestly cannot say thank you enough.

I hope that is what you want to hear, as for the next prize after APPLE being a fart machine…. well it is not something that I would buy but I know that Katherine and her sister will think it is absolutely brilliant so I have no objections.

with regards,