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Jordan’s eyes are getting stronger and can do 6 or 7 now before his eyes get tired and a bit cross eyed. Before we started he could only do 2 or 3 of the exercises before his eyes would play up so they are definitely getting stronger. We will keep going with the exercises until he can do 10 or more easily without his eyes getting tired.

Even though he had had his eyes tested at school (a program run by the government) and all had come back fine, after this program picking up that he had issues with tracking I thought I would take him to my optometrist and they determined that he needed glasses for reading and looking at the board and computer work. He received them today so hopefully things will be a little bit easier for him from now on. His Easyread lesson today included the game Spotter and today was the first time he has been able to achieve a gold spotter award which I think is definitely due to the glasses.