So far we are pleased with the program. There have been a few hiccups but we quickly were back on track. With regards to the reading aspect I find that Xander is doing really well. I can see an improvement in his reading. We also subscribe to Raz kids which is another reading program with just books. Since starting easy read we haven’t been doing Raz kids so I thought for fun we would read one of the books from an earlier level and he read it very fluently. After a 6-7 pages with 2-3 sentences on each page though he started to lose focus. Just to have him read the previous pages fluently was amazing.
I see progress as well with his eye tracking. We still do the exercises and he plays the additional games as well; they seem to help.
There seem to be days where he doesn’t want to do easy read but I just tell him its not for long and he is still doing great and that usually gets him back on track. We have found that there are some letter sounds that aren’t the way we would say but forget to write them down. So we will in the future and will pass that info on to you. Overall, this is by far the best program we have worked with and it is helping Xander immensely.
Thank you for that!