I was very unsure with easy read when we started as I was not sure if my son really needed help and if easy read would be the right thing for him. Before we started with easy read, he would refuse to read, half way through the book throw it away and reading was a constant battle. Now, through your help we found out that he has eye tracking problem, which we are addressing.

Nowadays, he actually looks forward to reading with easy read. Also school books get read without a fuss 2 – 3 times before we return them to school. His actual reading did not progress greatly but his attitude has changed completely and that is just after 8 weeks of reading with easy read great.

I, as a non-native English speaker, have been convinced that easy read is a great tool not only for kids struggling to read but for all kids learning to read English. The system of putting picture sounds above the words is fantastic, if used correctly.