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TODAY I went to our public library and picked up a few simple books for Giuliana. She hasn’t read anything on her own – ever. When I broug them home, I gave them to her and told her these are books she could probably read on her own now. She read FOUR OF THEM IN A ROW. She decoded nearly every word on her own and was so proud of herself. I cried with happiness. FINALLY – after a year of struggling to just memorize sight words through the traditional education system, we had a breakthrough. It is all due to your program. I was so skeptical at first. But this program WORKS. My daughter who hated reading, cried about reading – she read 4 small books today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating something so valuable and helpful. We are going to keep going a few more weeks for sure but thought you’d like to know our success today. Thank you again.

– E