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Msg from Alex:-
I am really impressed with my work on Easyread. I have enjoyed progressing through the levels and games. The prizes have been really good and I am looking forward for the last prize. I am now very good at reading and now enjoy reading.

A big thank you to all at Easyread.

Msg from Mum:-

Thank you so much. Alex is now keen to read and it has helped his school work no end, he is now a confident reader and spelling has improved significantly in the last month or so. It is just wonderful to see the enthusiasm for reading rather than the struggle we had every week to read his school book before we started Easyread. The prizes were brilliant especially when he was getting fed up with the daily practice.

We shall be continuing with the follow-on material as much as possible over the summer for practice so he will be ready for his next year at school, as he still will guess a big word when he is rushing to the end of a sentence! Along with more trips to the book shops! He is now half way through his first story book Billionaire Boy by David Walliams which he is really enjoying. It’s just wonderful to see.

Thank you to everyone at Easyread.