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It was good to speak to you. This is such a great strength of Easyread, that your team is there to talk things over and share suggestions/insights so we parents are not floundering in the dark. I have found your website an invaluable support in beginning to work out what is going on with my daughter’s reading difficulties, and what almost certainly can be ruled out. Being able to read about these issues at length has been illuminating and it is a relief to understand Rose better.

Thankyou for your time today, I’m sorry if it is exasperating for you to hear of situations like ours! I did head in several directions at once, when I first realised the sorts of difficulties Rose experiences, back in July. She has worked very hard with all the challenging things I have put her way. When we can access a working camera I will take a photo of Rose in Spy Mode, I think it would give you a smile. She got dressed up after the arrival of the notebook, stood outside our house, and made notes about passers-by…

Thanks again,