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so far so good..  Mollie has learnt the characters really well and seems to be coping with blending much better these days…
so the system seems to be working for us at the moment…. she enjoys the monkey game and seems surprisingly good at it… there is normally a bit of resistance to do the 2 pages of reading , but she is better at the second page without the letters which is interesting… and the games at the end, not only seem to be helping with her confidence to sound out letters and spell, but also in using a mouse and navigating around a computer screen..

personally I love having a structure, and a time limited session as it gives me the confidence that we are not pushing her too hard, or being too sporadic in our attempts….

from a support perspective, I have only great feedback for you and the team.. emails are responded to very quickly, instructions are clear, and the whole concept of espionage and prizes is a great motivator.

– Candida