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We think the gradual increase in reading quantity helps to build the child’s confidence and it is gradual enough that they don’t notice the change too much.
The characters above the letters have really helped improve the phonic knowledge and word building.
The games at the end are great fun and a real incentive for completing the daily tasks.
Of course the prizes, letters, messages have all been very positive and a great motivator, particularly the helicopter.
The only aspect Joel disliked was the mushroom picker game because there was no allowance for mistakes. This might make some children more careful but he used to groan if he had that game.

Now Joel has returned to school( and has received the helicopter!) he would like to leave Easyread for now but thank you for the offer of level 5 or other stories. He was looking for a book to read to himself this week so that is a huge step for us.

Thank you for the programme and the regular contact and support.
Best wishes
Frances and Joel