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We had a great moment this morning as C finished the program. I could tell that he was very proud and happy that we stuck with it. We have seen great improvement from the start, as you know it started a bit rough, with temper tandrums before we even started, but then ended with a “get it done” attitude.

At this point we will step back from EasyRead and focus on his eye tracking classes and special help he is getting from school. I feel that completing the program is a great milestone for him, and want him to feel the accomplish without continuing it at this time.

As for the course I feel that you have developed a wonderful, easy to follow, and achievable milestones to build confidence in the ability to read. The 10 minutes a day wasn’t too obtrusive and provided the mindset and accomplish of doing a lesson a day.

It is hard to believe we started this in July, 8 months ago. We are so proud of Chase, that he finished the course and that he is getting his super helicopter award. He is excited to receive the helicopter, so we will make sure that we explain the rules to him and supervise accordingly.

We will stay in touch and will definitely consider EasyRead as another resource for us as we continue down the path of reading proficiency.

Also, to you and David, thank you for your time and openness, answering our questions and providing the encouragement to continue with the program. It was very helpful to understand that certain reactions are normal, and that the course would navigate us with such great results.