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I would be very happy to recommend your Easy Read system to anyone of any age who has difficulty in reading and writing. In fact, I have recommended Easy Read to a friend of mine who’s 10 year old nephew is “a bit slow” and having problems with reading and writing at school.
I found the Easy Read system very easy to set up. What both my husband and I liked was the fact that you could take as long as you needed to perfect your reading and writing skills. We were very impressed with the video where you explain how the brain works and how the Easy Read system helps to build up the links in the brain to the sections dealing with reading and writing.
My husband has always had difficulty reading and writing and, because this system was “one to one” on-line he preferred this to a class. What we both found especially helpful was the constant assessment during the whole course and regular telephone calls discussing my husband’s progress were very encouraging. Not only are the reading skills constantly assessed, but there are tests for the eyes which can pinpoint specific problems, and specific advice given about how to correct these, with advice for your Optician. This kind of help was invaluable.
We always found everyone at Easy Read very approachable and no matter how small we may have thought the problem was, sound advice and explanations were always helpful. I would recommend Easy Read because it provides an “all round” service from teaching reading and writing skills, to pinpointing optical problems which may have previously hindered the person’s learning skills.
– Carol