Thank you easy read for this unique system. My son absolutely loves this program. I first thought that he might feel as though it was a set back for him as a thirteen year old, but he embraced it with courage and looks forward to it each and every day.

He loves earning the code words and rewards which are sent through the mail addressed specifically to him. The spy theme makes him the envy of his brothers and the rewards increase his excitement even more. The themes of the books are also part of his excitement for he enjoys the content within them.

During his daily school work I am noticing that he is using his decoding techniques instead of guessing, which is an amazing plus for him and he is no longer afraid to tackle those hard words.

My hat is off to your staff and their continual efforts to keep encouraging us forward and the training for me as a parent is much appreciated as well.

Blessings to you all,
S (mother of 13 year-old on lesson 44)