Dear Sarah and team,
I am writing to request our time with easy read ends. Following the arrival of the helicopters (which is excellent and enjoyed by all in our family) James has been reluctant to continue with the lessons. I think for him the helicopters marked the end of all his hard work and he expressed a wish to finish. As you know I was concerned about this and really wanted to continue as your lessons have been great at engaging James.
I told him we needed to continue with easy read until he was able to transfer to reading books, which we would need to read everyday. He agreed and we bought some Bear Grylls survival stories.
He has amazed us all by reading 3 pages every day and although he reads slowly and steadily each time with fewer guesses and more fluently.
He is extremely pleased with himself too which is great to see.
So thank you to all at easy read I have learnt so much and my beautiful boy can read just as you said he would.
Best wishes