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I just wanted to say how happy we are. Luca’s confidence has really grown since he started the Easyread system this year.

When Luca started the course his reading wasn’t too bad, but he was really struggling with independent writing at school. He has made great progress with his writing in the last couple of months. Where he would struggle to write a couple of sentences he is now writing paragraphs without assistance!

His teacher has commented several times on Luca’s confidence and also the fact that he is now less distracted and much more able to just get on with his work.

He also has wonderful ideas and is making lots of contributions in class during carpet time, which is something he never use to do prior to Easyread. The most notable difference is his high level of confidence in the classroom and that he has found his voice!

There is a reward system in his school called key competency cards which are given out for recognition of achievement. I have never known Luca to receive them. In the last 2 school terms he has received 14!

– J