What we love: from the outset the books have been interesting – not just ponies and the standard school stuff! Merry loves non fiction in particular so the books on inventions, animals and the ocean have fascinated both him and us. It’s great for Merry to be able to access these as it is harder to find printed books of this nature which are at his level but engage his thirst for information.

We really like the characters and the rhythms that make them. Merry’s 4 year old sister is interested in them and wants to know when she can start Easyread so we talk through the characters with her.

The Easyread team have always been helpful in helping to resolve any concerns.

I have found the training for parents fascinating in understanding the differences in how the brain works and the effect on learning to read.

We have enjoyed Easyread and seen such progress as we would barely have believed at the start. Seeing Merry sit and read to his sister is like beautiful music. He is finally finding the joy of reading, rather than just the hard slog. We are very grateful indeed to the Easyread team.