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We wanted to share an update with you regarding Eli’s progress. He took the Reading, Math, and Language MAP tests a few weeks ago for school. He made major improvements on all three compared to last year, and is officially reading (and performing overall) on grade level!

Reading was actually his highest score, which was a wonderful boost for him :).

We’re very proud of the progress he’s made, and his teachers are as well. Since he’s reading on grade level, his special education teacher recently moved him back to the regular class for reading small groups (and spends their 1:1 time working on fluency and reading speed). That made him feel great as well, since he didn’t like being pulled out from the regular class.

Eli really enjoys reading now, and takes the initiative to read independently at home. He’s currently reading The Jedi Academy series, and it’s wonderful to see him reading for fun!Regarding the dual language immersion program, Mandarin is still very challenging for Eli. It’s more accessible now, though, since it’s easier for him to read the pinyin. We believe he’ll make good progress this year.Thank you for such an excellent program, and for your dedication to your students’ success!

– T