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We are still enjoying the program and doing the lessons daily. Damian still looks forward to each lesson and I’m surprised that after 6 weeks he is as excited about it as he was when he first began.

We have noticed slight improvement in his reading, but the biggest change we can see is to his confidence! Damian has started reading signs!!! This is something he NEVER did before – almost as if previously he didn’t even recognise that signs contained letters to be read. He now attempts to read signs on the wall at the swimming pool, shopping mall, road and traffic signs, etc. He is finally recognising that they are there to be read and he is interested and confident enough to have a go!

Another thing I am now noticing is that when Damian writes something now (a few words, a friend’s birthday card, whatever) he is more aware of the fact that more than one letter can make a sound. He realises that he shouldn’t be spelling phonetically. He is asking for help to spell the words, but I’m still pleased to see that he is knows that sometimes it takes more than just an ‘o’ to make an ‘o’ sound, for example. Having said that, when he just wants to write a story and get all his ideas down on paper, he still reverts to phonetic spelling, but we are okay with that.

Thanks again for all the support.