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Josephine is doing well. She is definitely not losing interest. She insists that there is no difference reading the words comparing the game format and the story text.
She is rereading the text in the story. She does better the top half of the page than the bottom but that is because she is anxious to “move on” to the next page.
I’ve noticed a new independence in her word decoding in the games. She is more confident that she decoded the word correctly herself rather than decoding it but then asking me if she is right. She also is becoming more verbally animated with the games which to me seem that she is relaxing and not having to concentrate so hard on the decoding.
She also is attempting to decode more words on sign, labels etc.
On her video when she sang the words “I’m a slow reader” I thought that said alot. A few months ago she just would have point blankly said “I can’t read”. Huge mental step!!!!
She coincidently got her codeword APPLE on the same day she won a team indoor rockclimbing competition. A double woo-hoo day!