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My husband and I are definitely noticing an improvement in Matt’s reading. When Matt does the lessons I have noticed that the amount of guessing he does has really reduced. He is sounding the words out more and his frustration level has reduced too.

We have noticed that Matt is trying to read more outside of Easyread for example, reading his math textbook, road signs and messages in video games, etc. We see this as a very big and positive step for Mattew.

I have to admit my husband and I were a bit skeptical about this program at first but we decided that since we didn’t have anything to loose it was worth a try. Our experience has been very positive to date. Matthew is making real progress. I also beleive one of the reasons why Matt is doing so well is that he is able to do the program in the comfort of his home at his own pace in short lessons. Driving somewhere for tutoring and consuming 1.5 hours at a time several times a week is very taxing on a child who is already overwhelmed with trying to keep up with school. Removing that stress has been very positive for Matthew.

Thanks again,