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“The Easyread program has been going well for Brennan. He still enjoys the lessons and doesn’t find them stressful. Over time he has become a lot quicker at decoding the characters and still enjoys the games. The lessons are short so he knows that in no time he will be done!

I haven’t seen significant changes with Brennan’s reading. He still seems to change the ending of words ex: excited instead of excites and he still adds words to a sentence. When he is reading out loud to me we are doing a lot more rereading sentences and I am praising him a lot more. I am hoping with time and practice we will tackle reading!!”

Everything is going well for 9 year-old Brennan at lesson 45. If there is a history of eye-tracking trouble, we’d recommend keeping the text size big, and continuing to work on the exercises, particularly if your child is feeling a bit tired.