“His reading is continuing to progress outside the program. He has actually turned into a voracious reader. On the advice of your blog, he has started The 13-Story Treehouse Series and he loves it. Other books/series that are hits with him are the Captain Underpants series, the Space Taxi series, the Desmond Pucket Series and Suddenly the Milk. He is also starting to read our Roald Dahl collection on his own.

As well, he had to write an essay for school recently. He asked his teacher if he could type his good copy. He is becoming a more confident writer requiring less assistance from me and his teacher. His spelling mistakes are becoming better mistakes meaning they make sense to me; for example, spelling “what” as “wut”. His developing keyboarding skills are also due to Easyread.

When he started the program in November I was desperate and rather disheartened. Nothing I had tried previously was working and I had only succeeded in adding to his and my frustration. I am thrilled with the progress he has made so far at lesson 126.

Rebecca (Evan’s mum)”

We can’t wait to see how the spelling comes along for 9 year-old Evan over the next month or so. Congratulations on all the progress you’ve already seen!