I am writing this most happy email to ask that you cancel my children’s subscription to your amazing program.  When we began our journey into EasyRead last March, my eldest son was frustrated to tears each night when we did reading practice.  Logan is an emotional kid with specific learning needs and his anxiety was so high about going to school that he shut down emotionally and struggled to learn anything.  Easyread turned that around and helped him discover and share his true self, at home and at school.  Within 10 lessons he was excited about reading practice and asked to do it straight away when we got home each day.  After 30 lessons he told me that school was kinda fun sometimes.  Over the summer months when kids typically fall back a bit in their learning he catapulted ahead and went from 2 years behind in his reading to matching his grade level expectations.  His teacher now describes him as a ‘voracious reader who can’t get enough of stories and books.’  Not only that, he has begun writing his own stories and sharing them with his class!  Logan will always be an intense and sensitive learner but it turns out that a huge factor in his anxiety was his inability to read.
After 2 months of watching his brother play cool games and get awesome spy prizes in the mail, my second child begged me to start him in EasyRead.  Alex has hugely benefited from this valuable program.  For fun these days, my kids read plays aloud in silly voices and make costumes out of bedclothes…. they take so much joy reading together and I am so grateful!  Thank you so much for your support; I’m sure I’ll see you again when my toddler is ready to become a super-decoding EasyRead Spy!
– C