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I came across EasyRead on the Internet after feeling despair about my son Ben’s reading. His school was providing his twin brother, Adam, with extra one-on-one tuition for his own reading. But unfortunately for Ben, he wasn’t given this support as he was considered “not bad enough at reading”. This didn’t mean he was good! Indeed, Ben struggled with his readers each day. I was worried he would start to hate it, especially seeing how Adam had progressed and was now a better reader than Ben. Then along came EasyRead. Ben took to it like a duck to water and was happily repeating the symbols and able to pronouce 3 syllable words fluently. I think it helps we don’t do a lot of electronic games in our house. Ben was incredibly keen to do EasyRead each day – I never once had to coerce him to do it. He wanted to do two lessons a time! His teachers now call him a \”decoding machine\” – he met the requirements for his year (grade 2 Australia) for decoding by the end of Term 1. His comprehension still needs work but he is able to tackle words with confidence whereas before he would struggle.
When we started EasyRead I wanted to achieve two goals:
1.To get him to an aceptable level of reading for school. This was done by lesson 120.
2. To get him to tackle chapter books on his own. This was a pretty big ask for EasyRead I thought. Well I am thrilled to report todays shopping trip was for a Roald Dahl book, “The Twits”.
Throughout our time using EasyRead the support provided could not be faulted. I was grateful for the personal care provided by the team. They clearly have a passion to get kids to read. The games and certificates sent to Ben were spot on – they obviously know what 7 year old boys like! Ben haunts the letterbox when he knows a codeword prize is coming. His certifiates are proudly displayed on his pinup board.
After 223 lessons, I am happy to call it a day. We have achieved beyond all expectations and have a reader in the house!

cheers jacki house