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Call it coincidental-I don’t-but Elinor has moved up another level since starting Easyread! She is now on Black level, and although her reading is not perfect, particularly longer, unfamiliar words, she really works at decoding them.

She is only at lesson 91 and I know that there is a long way to go yet – but the prizes are fantastic and she is so excited when she wins one. She is now picking up books and reading them to herself and her younger sister.

Her fluency is improved dramatically and with that improvement, it allows her confidence and stamina to grow as well, so she is happy to tackle longer books. She has never had learning difficulties so to speak, but as (I would consider) a visual learner, when she started she was quite behind her peers and struggling with basic words.

We took quite a considerable break from Easyread recently, during which time she improved slightly but then plateaued. She has gone back to Easyread quite happily and continues to improve. Thank you for the most recent prize of the torch – she loves it!

Sorry for the ramble but I can’t emphasise how highly I recommend Easyread, even if you don’t think your child has learning difficulties but they are struggling with their reading – it’s fantastic.