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I thought I’d write you a short note to tell you, something is definitely happening with Sofia. I know we are only on lesson 30….but last night we finished a book together. We only had 7 or so pages to go, but she did amazing. I couldn’t believe the words she was sounding out. Large 6 syllable words. Saying “Don’t help me”. She called in her dad, saying to him “Listen to me dad.” When we finished that book, we had to go immediately to the book shelves to get another. Couldn’t get her to go to bed because she wanted to read. NEVER HAS THIS HAPPENED!!! Six weeks ago, we couldn’t sit through 5 minutes of reading without tears and anger. We spent 45 minutes reading…and had to force her to stop. Again, I know it’s only lesson 30, and the fluency isn’t there yet, but we just made a tremendous leap mentally in her confidence.

I can’t hardly believe it myself. But something is happening!! What a great way to end our day.

Happy Reading!!